Support for your Eating Disorder

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Support for your Eating Disorder

What matters most is how you see yourself

Learn to love you for who you are

ieatsometimes is a community which gives support to people with eating disorders.
It doesn't matter what eating disorder you have - you can find support for it here.


This is in no way a dieting community or a place to find quick fix weightloss but instead a place for people who are not ready or willing to go into recovery yet to talk about their problems.
The community is somewhere to make friends! Talk to people about your problems and help find solutions to them. Here, you don't have to feel isolated or alone. Lets start feeling better about ourselves and make others smile too. Eating Disorders are incredibly misunderstood, so i hope you'll find some understanding here.


The Rules:

- You must have an eating disorder to join.
- Give sensible and helpful advice.
- Always be supportive.
- Try to comment at least one other post.
- Do not be judgemental.
- Do not make derogatory remarks about fat people.
- No reverse thinspo.
- If you have more than one picture, please put them behind an LJ Cut. If you don't know how to do an LJ Cut Click Here
- Please put things that may trigger other people behind an LJ Cut. These include stats, weight and calorie totals for food.
- Please use proper grammer.
- Have fun!

Feel Free To:

+ Post more than once.
+ Post pictures of anything such as yourself, your favourite model or some beautiful scenery.
+ Talk about something not related to eating disorders.

The posts in this community are not locked because i want people to get a feel for the community and understand the type of posts which are acceptable but remember membership is moderated.

If you have any problems or would like to make any suggestions, please leave me a message saffyjames

Oh and one more thing,